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ABG30D; 039

"the kitchen is forever a place that radiates gay love……" | The next day, Zhang Lingyi departed on his business trip. Wang Guangning held a meeting with the local dealers. Fumaokaisi had not been in the mainland market for long so the team involved with the dealers were not very experienced. A very important part of Wang Guangning's work was perfecting the distribution channels. However, the experienced veteran dealers all already had their own fixed collaboration partners. Moreover, they were all large international corporations such as Huidi International. The cost of getting involved with them was too high and it was not profitable for Fumaokaisi's G city branch whose foundation in the mainland was still unstable. If they cultivated a new team to work with dealers again, it would take too much time. Furthermore, it would be extremely easy for the local traditional dealers to suppress them. The risks were too high.

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RIAIM; 001

"reborn a thousand years later~!" | If one moment, you were at the scene of a car crash, but in the next, you opened your eyes and came face-to-face with a female ghost…… How would you feel? Pressing up against your face, the female ghost stared sinisterly while her long hair floated about. Her eyes contained no sclera, and scarlet blood flowed out from the empty eye sockets. This was followed by the damnable hissing of a malevolent wind as it rustled through the dark shadows of a forest. The sight being beheld was truly too real, to the point that it seemed to be clearly happening right before you! Blood from all over the body appeared to gather at the brain. Chu Yan felt his throat dry as his heart palpitated within his chest. Adrenaline secreted frantically while the fine hairs on his skin stood up in alarm. He almost wanted to turn around and run away, until——

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ABG30D; 038

"Wang Dafa: My other father has returned home!" | Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi walked out of Fumaokaisi's office together. Zhang Lingyi inserted a hand into the pocket of his pants, then pretended to carelessly ask, "I heard from David that you rejected our company's offer?" Wang Guangning responded, "En." Zhang Lingyi glanced at him furtively out of the corner of his eye, "Why?" Wang Guangning shrugged. "I just arrived in G city and Fumaokaisi has only recently started its expansion into the mainland market. It's not appropriate for me to leave at this time" Then why the hell did you go to the interview?! Are you making fun of our company?

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ABG30D; 037

“Hence, anyone want a short sex¹ clip?" | The next day, Wang Guangning received a call from David just when he was about to meet a client after the conclusion of a conference with his colleagues at Fumaokaisi. "Hey, Ning. I have some good news to tell you." David's voice sounded extremely excited, "After a discussion with our team, we have decided that you are very suitable for our company. When you're free, come and greet our HR manager; everything is basically already set." Wang Guangning laughed, "David, thank you for your acknowledgment and appreciation. I quite admire Huidi, however, I'm afraid that I will not be able to work for you." "Why do you say that?" David's tone sank. "Is Lao² Zhou retaining you?" Lao Zhou was the honorific that people in the industry used to refer to Fumaokaisi's boss. "No," Wang Guangning refuted. "It's just that I met the love of my life³ at Huidi. In order to prevent the occurrence of an office romance, I believe that it is necessary to give up this opportunity."

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ABG30D; 036

“So, do you want to live together with me?" | Zhang Lingyi also caught sight of Wang Guangning. He stared blankly for a moment, then his pupils suddenly widened. Despite the tumultuous waves crashing against his heart, the expression on his face was unchanged. Was this a dream? Or was it reality? For the past four years, Zhang Lingyi had dreamed of their reunion countless times. Each dream had seemed extremely real, to the extent where he had become so deeply immersed that he was not willing to wake up. As soon as it appeared in reality though, he retreated. In that second, it was as if time had frozen. The two had probably never imagined that they would reunite under such abrupt circumstances, so were both temporarily at a loss of what to do. Underneath his utter bewilderment, Zhang Lingyi was also faintly angry.

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ABG30D; 035

“Wang Guangning lifted his head then immediately froze——it was Zhang Lingyi" | Somewhere in B city, an eye-catching pair was sitting beside a window at a high-class western restaurant; the presence of the handsome man and beautiful woman caused feelings of envy and hatred to momentarily rise up in other diners. The man looked like a celebrity with his tall height and attractive features. The faint smile curled around his lips could cause girls to scream incessantly. He was impeccably attired in a suit that highlighted his extraordinary aura, like the male lead from a Korean drama. The woman in front of him had a bewitching and moving appearance.  Her lips were a fiery red, and she wore an evening gown that exposed half of her soft and silky chest.  It seemed as if something was going to happen between her and the man opposite at any time.

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ABG30D; 034

“actually, I went to the planet Hakuna Matata and inherited the throne!" | Keke, it is said that time passes quickly like flowing water. In a blink, four years had passed! On a sunny afternoon outside G city's airport departure terminal. A slightly plump man with a cheerful smile on his baby face was leaning against a second-hand Volkswagen. He was anxiously staring at the departure terminal.  After a long time, a tall figure who was dressed in casual clothes and dragging a suitcase behind him leisurely walked out. He was extremely handsome, with elegant and finely carved features. He strolled over to the exit gates, his every movement radiating an imposing and lofty aura that made people unable to tear their eyes away.

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ABG30D; 033

“standing in the rain together" | Wang Guangning suddenly leapt out of bed and prepared to go and find Zhang Lingyi; however, his phone vibrated again. It was a text from the counsellor: Guangning, there are still a few more documents that you need to confirm. Send your home address to me so I can mail them to you. Wang Guangning glanced at the message, then his fingers flew and he responded: Teacher, I apologise, but I won't be going to Taiwan anymore. Then he jumped off his bed and sprinted out of the dorm.

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ABG30D; 032

“burying a secret together——I like you" | The two took a couchette on their return journey. That way, they could avoid any lingering  awkwardness or embarrassment during the trip. The train rumbled away from Xiamen, and everything from the past two days became memories which would be forever remembered. From outside the window, the city could be vaguely seen. A light sea breeze filtered in, still carrying a damp flavour. Nothing seemed to have changed; yet, at the same time, everything had changed.

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ABG30D; 031

“sleeping together for one night, then——shou shou……I'm hard!" | En. This way, both our wishes will be fulfilled." Raising an eyebrow nonchalantly, Wang Guangning smiled and let go of Zhang Lingyi. "Wang Guangning, you really are……" Zhang Lingyi's expression darkened. He felt as if he should be angry, but his anger would contain a hidden sliver of worry that Zhang Lingyi was not willing to reveal. Maybe, for Wang Guangning, this was only just a crazy game. If Zhang Lingyi took this seriously, then it would simply become a joke. Zhang Lingyi recalled how he had done something similar last time when they were shaving. However, that had been an accident. Yet, upon thinking about it, maybe that was why Wang Guangning had done such an action. After all, it wouldn't the first time. So then, what right did he have to be angry?