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ABG30D; 028

"when travelling, it's too easy for BL to occur" | Due to the fact that Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi had exams for the next two days, they did not continue their great cause of being gay. When the two days of hellish revising and examinations concluded, they both gave a long sigh. Some of their classmates who were in the same major as Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi had already bought their tickets to travel back home. For their last exam, they had just directly taken their luggage to the examination room then departed afterwards, thoroughly disappearing from the campus. Most of the other people also left within a day or two after their exams were completed. The few that remained were either waiting for their partners, taking the entrance exam for a graduate program, participating in an internship, or just lazing about in their dormitory and playing games.

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ABG30D; 027

“when setting off firecrackers…” | After Zhang Lingyi had spoken out, the 'Hotel Incident' turned overwhelmingly one-sided. Other than that unlucky 'F University's number one loser' who was publicly shamed, Yu Haining's personal character and moral conduct also became a focus of discussion. For a person like Yu Haining, if people didn't usually pay deliberate attention to her, then she would just be known as someone who's extremely beautiful and plays musical instruments. There would also be a lot of news regarding her pursuers. However, as soon as there are people who are determined to dig out gossip, then all sorts of negative information would be discovered.

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ABG30D; 026

“eating vinegar for the other person…” | Wang Guangning didn't know whether it was just his misconception, but he felt that the contents of Zhang Lingyi's text messages this time made it seem as if they really were in a relationship and he was the one who had an affair with someone else. Ah, what kind of mysterious headcanon was this?! Wang Guangning stared at the texts wordlessly, then reluctantly dialled Zhang Lingyi's number. “eating vinegar for the other person…” | The call was picked up rather quickly by Zhang Lingyi, "Shou shou, how could you cheat on me¹?!"

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GLTD; 001

"the truth was, Xue Chong was not at all interested in games" | At the lectern, Professor Miejue¹ was extremely passionate and excited as she delivered the lesson, spittle splattering everywhere. The students in the front row who had been directly hit wished that they could use an umbrella to shield themselves. The students in the front row suffered bitterly, the students in the second row snickered, the students in the third row surreptitiously played on their phones under the table, and the students in the last row were just simply sprawled over their desk, taking a nap.

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ABG30D; 025

“eating vinegar for the other person!” | Yu Haining clearly still retained her rationale and did not run off into a remote place that would be difficult to find. She was calmly sitting by the lake, staring into the depths blankly. When Wang Guangning walked over, he could smell the strong odour of alcohol. As expected, she really was drunk. "Hey, you alright?" Wang Guangning walked over to Yu Haining and asked without much sincerity.

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ABG30D; 024

"let's play Plants vs Zombies!" | Before pretending to be gay with Zhang Lingyi, Wang Guangning had always thought that Zhang Lingyi was a very cool, handsome and domineering kind of man, just like himself. But now, he felt that Zhang Lingyi was simply just a fool. Other than a fool, Wang Guangning couldn't think of any other person who would run to his room in the middle of the night and drill into the bed, just to invite him to play games. "Shou shou~ Come~ Let's play a game~"

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ABG30D; 023

"brushing our teeth together...this definitely isn't our first kiss!" | This time, when Wang Guangning came to Zhang Lingyi's house, he was well prepared as he already had prior experience. He had not only prepared for a change of clothes, but also brought along a toothbrush and towel. After having washed his face and rinsed his mouth, Wang Guangning intended to go and revise when Zhang Lingyi suddenly appeared like a ghost. "Shou shou, let's go and watch a horror movie!" Zhang Lingyi smiled eerily, causing Wang Guangning's teeth to ache upon seeing it. "You're already very frightening, we don't need to watch anymore horror movies." Wang Guangning pushed Zhang Lingyi into the study room and said solemnly, "Zhang Lingyi, I will tell you very seriously right now, that you're not allowed to enter the study room tonight."

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ABG30D; 022

"cooking together...what is this demon flavour?!" | "Shou shou, what dishes are you preparing to make?" While throwing vegetables into a small trolley, Zhang Lingyi watched with curiosity at Wang Guangning's serious appearance as he stared at two small boxes of pork belly and compared them. They were at a large supermarket near Zhang Lingyi's house. They had just finished their exam in the morning and Zhang Lingyi had kidnapped Wang Guangning over. As it was during a day shift, there weren't many people. Zhang Lingyi strolled around contentedly and grabbed quite a few things while he was it. In any case, they would be at his house for the next two days so they could just store up more food. However, Wang Guangning's manner as he chose the food was quite clumsy......uh, quite cautious.

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ABG30D; 021

“when riding a bicycle together...make sure your heart doesn't beat too fast~” | As a youth who had never dated and had always been the one pursued by others, Zhang Lingyi was originally quite ignorant about the uses of bicycles. At least, that was only until there was a day when one of his dormmates got a girlfriend and bought a bicycle which only had a horizontal bar and no backseat. Back then, Zhang Lingyi had laughed when he saw that the bicycle didn't even have a backseat. He had jokingly warned the other to be careful in case his girlfriend ran off with someone else whose bicycle had a backseat. At that time, his dormmate had only given him a lascivious and disdainful, yet also deeply meaningful smile.

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ABG30D; 020

"when riding a bicycle, you must choose one that has a horizontal bar and no backseat" | Reality proved that the weather bureau was a woman. Moreover, she was an erratic woman. When you wished that she would be accurate, she would be as accurate as the great aunt. When you wished that she wouldn't be accurate...she would be accurate. Therefore, it was not only women and narrow-minded men who were difficult to deal with. The weather forecast was as well. Hence, on this day, the weather forecast proudly announced——today it is sunny, so everyone please get up and sleep early and exercise more. For people who need to air their quilts, please don't waste any time and quickly do so. When Wang Guangning woke up in the morning and saw the bright sunshine outside the window, he decided that he had better go and study with Sun Siyang.