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ABG30D; 019

Sun Siyang thought that today was a very strange day; Wang Guangning who would always get up early in the morning was actually sleeping in!
He silently lifted his head and stared at the Wang xiao cao who had already wrapped himself in a cocoon. Sun Siyang wondered whether he had forgotten to adjust his alarm clock. Hence, he silently breathed out a sigh and said, "Guangning, it's time to get up."
Wang Guangning poked his head blearily through his quilt. Shooting a glance at Sun Siyang, he asked, "What time is it?"

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ABG30D; 018

"Why are you just staring?" At some point, Wang Guangning had already walked in front of Zhang Lingyi. Reaching out a hand, he swatted his hand across Zhang Lingyi's bald head, causing a 'pa' sound to echo out, "Let's go!" Zhang Lingyi hesitated, then caught up. When it came to the most suitable place in F University to watch the stars, the choice was of course, Moon Lake. There was a stunning view of the lake, the ground was level and the horizon could be clearly seen. It was also the holy land for F University's couples.

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ABG30D; 017

Early in the morning of the next day, a fully equipped Wang Guangning quietly ran to a hair salon to trim off his hair—which looked like a peacock having its tail spread out—and settled for a crew cut. Thankfully, his 囧 agreement with Zhang Lingyi yesterday was only for a day. Otherwise, Wang Guangning estimated that he would cultivate himself to become a hermit and never step outside again in the future. Around noon, Wang Guangning walked out from the hair salon feeling fresh and relaxed. His mood was much better than before, hence he cheerfully sent a text over to Zhang Lingyi, something which he rarely initiated.

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ABG30D; 016

For the hair salon named 'Tony Boy' which was situated near F University, today was their most glorious day ever since they had first opened. This hair salon had gathered many stylists who had exaggerated hairstyles, piercings, heavy make-up and wore flamboyant clothes. All the customers who had visited here were people with very peculiar tastes. And today, the two xiao cao who represented men from F University with the best taste, appeared at Tony Boy simultaneously.

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ABG30D; 015

After this battle, Wang Guangning's vigour was greatly devoured. He originally wanted to go back to his dormitory to have a good sleep, but upon entering the room he was once again reminded of a certain disharmonious scene from last night. Hence, he hesistated to go in. Zhang Lingyi saw his hesitation and realised the reason after thinking deeply about it. Thus, he magnanimously patted Wang Guangning's shoulder and said, "Shou shou, since we're a gay couple; as your xiao gong, I sincerely invite you to sleep in my bed at my dormitory."

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ABG30D; 014

Zhang Lingyi thought that there was something not quite right with Wang Guangning today. He knew that despite having a high intelligence, Wang Guangning was not a genius. Instead, he was like the God of Studying; basically, if he wanted to be a top student, he would strive for it with great effort. Therefore, Wang Guangning had always been more positive during the revision period near the end of the term. Yet, today Wang Guangning had actually rejected his offer to go to the library together. There was indeed something not quite right.

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ABG30D; 013

Although Zhang Lingyi was an idiot, his fine upbringing nevertheless allowed him to be a good host when a guest was staying over. There was usually no one living in the house so he couldn't find any fruit, but he found a pile of snacks, biscuits, sweets and dried meat. He didn't want to place them on the table since that would only take up space, so he directly heaped them all on the floor. Zhang Lingyi was afraid that Wang Guangning would be cold as there was no heating in the south and the temperature indoors was quite low. Hence, he then found a fluffy blanket for Wang Guangning to wrap himself with.